Customer Testimonials

Hello Kelly,

It’s Becky, I purchased one of your cockapoos in mid december. We just wanted to let you know how much we adore her! We named her Maggie and she is my girls and I’s best pal. She was from gigi and cowboy’s litter. She’s the smartest dog I’ve ever had. She’s spayed and healthy. My girls have taught her so many tricks, she even knows how to play dead and do a double highfive. Maggie loves to play and loves everyone she meets. Thanks again for an awesome dog, she’s our little girl.


Hi Dr.Kelly!
We just wanted to send you a picture of this beautiful boy! We adopted him July 31 2021. Chase was born on May 5 2021.
He is such a joy to everyone.
We cannot thank you enough for breeding such sweet, loving kids.
As you can see his favorite thing is toys and balls! Chase is doing great! He is 20lbs. This boy is royalty 😊 Thank you so much for doing such a great job getting these babies ready for their forever homes.
Andy, Lynette and Ethan Hostetter ❤️

Dear Kelly,

Our sweet puppy, Lulu the day she learned how to go up & down the stairs.
She loves looking in the mirror. She is such a joy & the little monster in her only comes out in a playful way. We love her so much.
We are going to “puppy obedience classes” once a week, she is doing very well. Monday, we go back for our second Vet visit
We are doing great together
Jackie Erwin

Hi Kelly,

I wanted to let you know that “Chicken” is doing great and feeling right at home. So smart and sweet. Our Richmond vet said he was perfect and has never seen anything but perfect come from your kennel.

Happy Puppy Owner!

Good morning Kelly,

Just wanted to send along a photo of Charlie, our 34-pound cockapoo we picked up 7 months ago on August 8th. Charlie was born 5/3/15. You might remember him as Aaron. Charlie likes to chase squirrels, is a scent tracker, loves to play keep away, and loves children. He is very social and makes himself at home at our vet’s hospital. He is not a sitter. We couldn’t be more happy with him and his friendly disposition. We are putting together a scrapbook and would love to have photos of Rudy (sire) and Carly (Dam). All the best,

Jim and Carolyn Hyatt

Hi Kelly,

Just a quick note to let you know how incredible my little girl is. Loka is so very special. One of the most loving, mischievous, balls of fluff I’ve ever known. Daily she reminds me that life is a gift. She licks away the tears on sad days and kisses me to the point of chapped lips. Thank you for bringing her into this world and into my heart.

Warm Regards,

Hi Dr Kelly

Are Cobe is now 15 weeks old. He is growing like a weed , but generally seems to be doing well. He is doing great with his crate and potty training. The vet here says he is perfect. Here are a couple of pictures so you can see his progress.

Have a great week!
Dwayne, Stacey, Emily, and Coby Moore

Hey DR. Kelly,

Hope this note finds you and your family well.

All is fine with Dudley who has been renamed to Milo. He is a happy and adorable boy and growing really really fast- we are totally in love with each other. Tubbs has not taken to his little brother completely but I’m hoping eventually that will change. I wanted to reach out because he (Milo) was recently featured on a popular Instagram account that features all types of adorable doodle breads … here is the photo and below is the account – in my opinion he is the best looking dood in all the bunch. But maybe I am a bit partial. Hope you enjoyed your summer and thanks again for everything!


Hi Dr. Kelly,
I’ve been blessed with my 5 gorgeous Cockapoo pups from you to date. Are you planning to breed a litter of tri-color ( I think you have called them “sable” in the past) pups anytime in the near future?
I will be looking for a female.
Please let me know at your convenience.
All the best to you,
Mary Stephens


We thought you would like to know that Pretzel had her 10th birthday last Saturday. She is all female litter from Lizzie and Heartbreaker and I’m almost positive she is one of the puppies being held by your daughters on the “More Information” page of your website. I think she looks just like her Daddy.

Attached is a recent picture made by her groomer. She has had a very healthy active life and we couldn’t be happier with her. She is very smart and full of life and we can’t imagine not having her.

Thanks for being such a good breeder of wonderful dogs.

Best regards,

Steve Whitworth

Dr Kelly,

I have been remiss in not sending you a letter of thanks for Winston. He is such a gift and is loved by everyone he meets. He has become so important to us, and we don’t know how we ever got along without him. He is so smart and fun. He does have OCD when it comes to his ball, he will play catch until my arm is ready to fall off, then look for someone else to throw it! He loves the beach and has had many exciting adventures there. We go hiking and he loves exploring. We also raise a few chickens and Winston is a wonderful chicken herder and finder when they get out of their pen. I am sending a few pictures of him, we are like proud parents of our little guy.

Here is a picture a few weeks after we got him.

Dear Kelly,

I thought I would update you on Jackson, as it has been a while. Jackson is now 7 and will be 8 on July 12th. Whew… I can’t believe time goes by so quickly. Jackson is such a pure delight to us. I cannot properly express what this little fella means to me, except to say, he is absolutely and totally loved. He makes my heart truly happy by just being with me. He is both silly and lovable. We often find ourselves cracking up at something he does or a face he makes. He is a lover of people and would snuggle up to just about anyone. Jack loves to go on walks and enjoys playing at the park with his tennis ball. He also loves to play with my son’s two dogs. They have great fun together.

Jackson is smart and obeys my commands very well… at home we allow him up on the furniture but, this past weekend we were visiting our daughter in Virginia. We told Jack he could not get on their new sofa, and he was great. We made him a place on the floor to lay, and he made us quite proud.

Speaking of Virignia, my daughter has friends who also have a cockapoo. I met them at my daughters home and we got to talking and found out that their dog Frankie is also one of yours. I know Jack’s daddy was Macho Man, and I believe they said the daddy of Frankie is Cowboy, so are they related? If so, how? It was so cool meeting someone who also had a Puff n Stuff Cockapoo.

Within the next couples months, we are going to be moving. Once I am settled in I am hoping to get a friend for Jackson. He is a little bit lonely, since our beautiful lab passed away. I hope when the time is right for us, that you will have Cockapoo puppies.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of Jackson that I sent along. He loves to pose for pictures, and would do absolutely anything for a Cheerio. I even have an Instagram account with nothing but Jack photos. His Instagram name is Jackson_Sparrow if you ever go on there.

Hope your family is well,
Terrie Bruce

Hi Kelly!

I hope all is well with you and your family! I have been meaning to write you for awhile now, but things have been so busy! Finley (formerly Bentley, born 6/29/14) is now 7 months old and continues to be the love of my life! He is sweet, spunky, and perfect. We will actually be completing our intermediate classes at puppy school tonight and he is so smart. He knows sit, paw, down, and has mastered going outside to the potty by ringing a bell at the door. He has a teddy bear that he loves and his favorite thing in the world is to play in the snow and having his belly rubbed. I hope you liked our Christmas card 🙂 I’ve included some pictures and will continue to keep you posted! Thank you again for everything.

Heather and Finley

Hi Kelly!

I hope this picture of Rudy and Cooper comes through. It’s only taken me four years to get a decent photo of the boys but it finally happened. They both just turned four at the beginning of the month. I can’t begin to tell you how much joy they have brought into our lives. So glad we made the decision to go with two of them. They complement each other so well. Rudy, the red one, is extremely loving and caring although a little lazy as he would much rather lay around than go for a walk or play. He does however get a burst of energy everyday and plays with his food bowl by himself. He also likes to keep Cooper in line by insisting on being Mommy’s helper as he grabs his leash and pulls him along and will pin him in a corner when I tell them to “stay” as Cooper isn’t the best of listeners. Cooper, the buff one, is full of energy and more than makes up for Rudy as we just can’t play enough for his liking. He loves to be petted and will scratch your arm until you give in. They both love to cuddle and they smother you with kisses when you come home. They love going to the beach with us which is where this photo was taken.

Hope all is well with you and your family and thank you very much, once again, for two wonderful dogs,

Jeff and Pam Money

Hi Dr. Kelly,

As Spartacus celebrates his 2nd birthday, I thought it might be appropriate to send an update to you. This pic was taken a year ago, but is still one of my favorite pics of him (it was in the Charlotte Observer too – guess they loved the pic too). It shows his personality, which is just so good-natured, go with the flow, what are we doing next? He is so affectionate and loves to play. And he loves scrunchies – those hair ties. If my hair is in a ponytail, he will go after them if I am within reach (sitting on couch, doing pushups, etc.) He just makes us laugh with his craziness.

He is so smart – he picked up on many tricks and commands quickly. Within 4-5 months (with time spent by us training him), he learned to sit, down, high five, shake, hands up, and “bang” (lay down and play dead). Recently we taught him to jump through a hoop. He picks up on tricks quickly – especially when encouraged by treats.

He brings so much laughter and joy to our family. We wish you all the best.
The VanWingerdens (Abe, Cindi, Noah, Andrew and Zach)

Hello Kelly:

I am writing you a short note and sending you a picture of one of your grown beloved puppies we acquired from you about 17 years ago. It’s hard to believe it was that long ago. I remember we picked up a little ball of energy at your Fredrick farm and life began for us back in the mid-1990s.

This is our beloved little girl that we just lost this past Monday and we are heartbroken….Please see Daisy Mae as she rests on her bed by the fireplace….She wanted to wear her sweater inside some days in the winter as she got older. She was very old and last Monday on the way to our vet, she died in my arms in the car just as we were pulling into the parking space. She had a wonderful life, was a caring and loyal pet and very smart. She loved us very much. She loved to ride in our boat and she loved to chase away the ducks off the pier as this was her territory. She also loved to run and play ball even in her later years, but this last year was different as her age caught up with her. She also would keep watch by our bed and to make sure she didn’t miss my husband she simetimes would sleep on the rug with her paws in my husband’s slippers…She knew he wore them when he walked through the house. She had the best of everything and she gave us her best until her very last moment. We are mourning Daisy’s loss…

I just wanted you to know that your puppies turn out to be wonderful pets and when the time comes for another companion, we hope to come back to you.

Please know how grateful and thankful we are that one of your babies was the joy of our life.

Sincerely, Marlene Phillips

Hi Kelly!

We wanted to tell you how much we LOVE our beautiful girl, Molly (born 12/09/08). She has such a fun, outgoing and loving personality. Molly loves to be active (explore and run/jump around) and she loves to cuddle (she is definitely a lap sitter). She is very social and easily gets along with all dogs and people in our neighborhood. We couldn’t image our family without her!

Kelly and Chad

Dear Dr. Kelly,

I have been meaning to email you a picture of our precious Jake. We bought him from you in April, 2008 and he has been such a joy. All four of us adore Jake and truly believe he is the BEST dog in the world. We have referred many of friends and family to you and when they meet our Jake they fall in love as well. He is so great with our boys from playing ball with them to letting them dress him up. He is so laid back, he fit immediately into our family. I am thankful everyday for finding your website two and half years ago. We love our Jake.

Hi Kelly,

I wanted to send you some pictures of our delightful pooch, Lilli (born 10-5-09 to Lucy/Macho Man). She is the cutest and sweetest dog we’ve ever owned. She’s also very smart too. We’ve taught her to ring a bell by the door when she wants to go outside. She is also the happiest dog ever. She just walks around wagging her tail (and sometimes her whole body). We love her so much!

The Rawls-Bryce Family

Dear Kelly,

Happy New Year! We are sending a picture of our puppies, George and Harry (named for the Bailey brothers in It’s a Wonderful Life). They have truly made our lives wonderful! George is long and lanky like his counterpart in the movie, and Harry is what our vet calls the action figure. And like you say, they are definitely lap-sitters and face-washers. They have sweet dispositions, and they are very social they love other dogs and people alike. We celebrated their first birthday on Dec. 13, and shortly after we had a big snow. They had so much fun! Our neighbor took this picture from her backyard. Enjoy!

Thanks for everything!
Chuck & Sallie Bedall

Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to let you know Casey (from Jill & Heartbreaker’s litter Jan 16/07) is doing great. We love him so much – he’s such a sweet little guy. He’s now 5 months old and he finished in 2nd place in his puppy school training classes. He just had his first grooming today and he got an A+ for behavior.

We just finished fencing in our backyard for him and we cut out 2 little hearts at the bottom of the gate so Casey can look out. He’s so cute looking out – I’ve included a few pictures of him.

Thanks for everything!
Kim Ashley

Hi Dr. Kelly,

I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and let you know how well Annie is doing. We absolutely LOVE her. She has the greatest personality and is very cuddly and loving. She LOVES playing with other dogs and always greets them by rolling over onto her back. She is a little rascal and climbs out of her playpen and her toys are always all over the apartment. She is very smart and sits and gives paw on command. We will probably go to puppy school so she can learn even more tricks and commands. She’s about 10 lbs. and will probably only grow another 2-5 lbs. She is very healthy but a finicky eater. Here are some pictures.

All my best, Meredith


I just wanted to send you an update on our 6 month old cockapoo, Jack. He was born July 7, 2004 out of Sugar and Shoestring. As you can see he is completely adorable. He is very smart and he loves to play. He graduated at the top of his puppy class 🙂 He was the only pup to perform all of his commands on the first request. Then to top it off he showed off his skills at shaking hands and rolling over. He is one big bundle of energy. Sometimes we have a hard time keeping up. He never tires out before we do!

Sincerely, Rachel Witt

Hi Kelly,

Ginger was whelped on 4/5/03 from your Sugar/Shoestring litter!

She weighs just over 8 pounds but she thinks she is a much bigger dog. Everyone in the neighborhood loves her and she is often found knudling with the mailman on the porch! She is usually wagging her tail and welcoming as people walk by! I believe she is the perfect example of “how to win friends and influence people”.

Here is a picture of her dancing – She is very agile and smart!

Whitney A. Sande
Newport, Rhode Island

Hello Kelly!

Just another note to tell you how much we love our little girl Sadie. We took this photo of her tonight. She’s beautiful! And she’s a ton of fun. She loves to play with other dogs and she’s great at fetching. Everyone in our neighborhood loves her. She has been healthy (knock on wood) and she’s very smart. Thank you again. Hope all is well with you.

Andi & David

Hi Kelly,

I just wanted to send you some updated pictures of “Pinky” who is now Bella. She will be 1 on Halloween. She is doing so great. We love her personality and she is so friendly to everyone including other dogs and she especially loves children. We think that she liked your little daughter so much that now any child’s voice gets her attention. We adore her so much! Attached are some pictures. Thanks again.

Michael and Lindsey Campbell

Dear Kelly,

Kaylee our Cockapoo (and our Goldendoodle Chester!) have been absolutely fantastic with our baby. Wherever the baby goes they try to follow to ‘keep an eye on her’. Kaylee will often curl up next to her when she is sleeping and always tolerates the inevitable fur tugging when the baby wakes up! At night both she and Chester will often sleep outside the nursery door. And of course they are always ready to help out when baby food hits the floor!

Jen, Jason, and Claire

Hello Dr. Kelly,

It’s been awhile since I’ve sent you a picture of my Cockapoo, Nadia (Earley). Nadia was born March 27, 2004 to Maggie and Shoestring (rest his soul). She was placed in my arm on May 22. Nadia is now 7 years old and I love her so dearly. I wanted you to know your baby is still well cared for. I’ve attached a couple that will surely make you smile.

Take Care,

Tracey Earley

Hi Dr Kelly,
I got a puppy from you almost 13 years and we have LOVED EVERY DAY WITH HER!  She’s been healthy, so much fun and a good family dog.
My mother is interested in a puppy. I’m wondering if you still bring puppies up to your mother’s dog farm in Baltimore. That is where I got Piper from. We live outside Philadelphia. If so, when would you have some puppies available?  She is hoping for a calm female puppy, but calm is more important than the sex of it, I think. I’m just inquiring in case this is a possibility. I’m thinking I could pick one up for her and get it to her.
Please let me know if you have any puppies coming up. Thanks so much.
Samantha Mancini
Hi Dr. Kelly-
Just want to tell you that we could not be happier with our female cockapoo that we got from you in February 2020, before the pandemic! We named her Dani. Photo attached in case you want it for your testimonials/gallery. She is a love, but always looking for trouble! Someday we hope to get her a companion from you. Not just yet. 🙂
Take care,

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