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I have two full-time kennel attendants that care for, socialize and play with my puppies and parents (Sierra and Will).

At our breeding facility, we take pride in producing cockapoos that are not only healthy but also possess wonderful temperaments. To ensure the well-being of our puppies, we offer a two-year health guarantee with each purchase.

Once the pups have reached approximately 8 weeks of age, they will have received their first set of vaccinations and deworming treatments. In addition, each puppy will come with a comprehensive health record and general information on how to care for them.

We understand that raising a puppy can be a challenging task, and that’s why we offer additional training for any pup over 9 weeks of age. This training includes teaching them good manners, crate training, and other essential socialization skills. Our training service costs $50 per day, and we recommend a period of 7 to 14 days for optimal results. During this time, additional vaccines and deworming treatments are included.

We understand that picking up your puppy may not be feasible for everyone, so we offer a nanny service to help transport your furry friend safely. If needed, we can also arrange for air or ground transportation for an additional fee.

We strive to ensure that each of our puppies finds a loving home where they will thrive. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Below are my three daughters (2007) years ago pictured with a typical cream and buff Puff n Stuff Cockapoo litter that was 7 weeks old.

If we have had one complaint about our dogs, it is that they are too friendly. They may bark to alert you of an intruder, but they would probably go home with the robber!

Cockapoos are Very Intelligent and Easy to train which makes it a joy to raise and watch they grow.

Placed buff female Cockapoo, approximately 13 LB

Typical 5-month-old puff n stuff Cockapoo

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